Who is This Chick and What is this Blog About?

I’m Lauren, a twenty-something (in other words, too close to 30 to put an actual number on it) lifelong Philadelphia resident and higher education professional. I enjoy eating my way through life! I’m almost always hungry, but even if I’m not, there are certain things (like dessert and peanut butter) that I can always make room for. I like to bake, shop, travel, and write. I’m recently married to a guy who luckily likes to eat baked goods, cook (which keeps me from living on chocolate chips straight from the bag and cake frosting straight from a can), and hit the road along with me. Hopefully, I’ll make a habit out of this blogging thing and share all of the good stuff I’ve eaten and/or perhaps baked myself and/or that my husband cooked and/or took pictures of as we hang out in Philly and beyond.

My blog name pays tribute to what is, in my opinion, the most under appreciated, under utilized eating implement out there–the humble spork. I don’t understand why sporks are only available at Taco Bell (and at prisons, as I recall from a college field trip to one). I will brave the TB sickness that inevitably strikes as soon as I finish a Burrito Supreme just to eat with a spork. Seriously.


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