Getting a Facelift…


I had been really been worried about the lines that seem to have crept up around my eyes lately, so I decided to get a little nip/tuck done. I hope that the bruising and swelling goes down in time for the holidays. That won’t look very nice in photos, now will it?

Just kidding. I’m a total wuss and could never take the pain.

But, my blog did get a little work done recently!

Chester knows how much I’ve been enjoying blogging, so as part of my birthday gift, he had it redesigned and registered a domain name for it.

So, please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, Google Reader subscription settings, etc. to my new home on the Internets: And, if you don’t already subscribe, now’s a good time to do so! (Special note for mom and aunt, there’s a little box in the second section on the right hand sidebar where you can enter your e-mail address. It’s easy.).

I worked with Katie Lane at Dream Up Studios on the design. She captured all of my preferences and design ideas (not that I had any real idea what I wanted) perfectly! It’s so much better than the standard WordPress template I had before.

Let me know what you think of the new look! I still have a few tweaks to make, such as adding pages and such, but I think it’s pretty much all set otherwise.

Hope you all are enjoying reading Pass the Spork as much as I enjoy writing it.


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